Sekizo 75mm Oyster Knife (Made In Japan)

Sekizo 75mm Oyster Knife (Made In Japan)

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A comfortable handled knife with a functional, pointed and short strong blade to make shucking oysters "easy".

How to shuck oysters:


  1. Hold the knife firmly in your dominant hand and the oyster, "belly up" under a towel with your other hand.
  2. Find an insertion point around the hinge (although some do it from the lip end), and push the point down and then horizontally as  you gain access, twisting at the same time to lift the shell.
  3. Once inside, slide and scrape the knife around inside the shell, along the upper surface, to loosen the muscles holding the two halves together. Remove the top shell.
  4. For a pretty appearance you can turn the oyster, first loosening the meat from the bottom shell and flipping it with your knife.
  5. Practice makes perfect!

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